Lil-Bitz is located west of Brisbane- Queensland. We have a lovely home with plenty of room for our grandchildren and our many pets to run around.Our cats are raised in our home and interact with our family. All of our animals are very much a part of our family and they are our life.
I started showing my Devon Rex back in 2008 & Selkirk Rex in 2012.While we were showing, we came across a new breed called a Munchkin. I fell in love with this lovely breed.
Bought our first girl Mini a black tortie point in 2016. We got our first stud boy Dale a black domestic S/H.
In 2017 we got our first litter of Munchkins, they are the Drawf cat.
We started showing our lovely babies in the middle of 2017.
 I have put a lot of hard work into my breeding programme.
I have got a few stud boys both Munchkin & domestic & my girls are all different colours. Tabbies, Torties, Solid colours, Reds, Pointed & Mink.
In June 2019 I went to Castle Hill NSW to the ACF Nationals to try to get the Munchkin's recognized with the ACF club. I'm happy to announce we have got the Munchkin's recognized with ACF, which means any breeder of Munchkins can show with ACF in Austraila.
I am still showing around Brisbane & the Ipswich area & have been interstate to the Nationals in Sydney in 2019, Brisbane Nationals.